Denver Skyline – Before and After

Today the Denver skyline has changed again.  The Qwest Tower at 18th and California Street is now lit with a CenturyLink sign.  So, I thought it would be fun to post a few pics from before and after.  The first pic was taken in March 2006, when the Qwest sign was a very bright blue.  The second pic was from last week, with nothing lit on top of the tower.  The last picture taken this evening, showing the new CenturyLink logo.

FYI:  If you are wondering where all of these pictures were taken, 26th and Zuni is a great place to get a view of downtown, especially at night.

Red, White and Blue

I’ve really enjoyed my PAD Project (Picture a day).  It’s been a lot of fun to look for pictures in a certain theme each week.  You might wonder where I come up with these ideas.  Well, when I think about a new theme, I just write it down (on my iPhone).  Then, when it’s time to start a new week of pictures, I reference my list and make a choice.

One of the themes on my list is “Red, White and Blue”.  I would love to select this theme for a week, but trying to find things that are those colors is extremely difficult unless you just take pictures of American flags.  Despite the difficulty of this theme, I still look for things Red, White and Blue quite often.  The other day, I just happened across 2 pictures for this theme, and thought I would share them with you.